Rectangular Mesh Bbq Grill Grate

grill grate bbq

Product Details

  • Product specification
  • 1.Material: cast iron+black paint
  • 2.Shape:rectangular mesh bbq grill grate
  • 3.Size:455*300*24mm
  • 4.Surface treatment:black paint,high temperature paint,enamel
  • 5.Weight:2.72kg
  • We accept the custom. If you want to custom,please send the inquiry to us or contact with us online.
  • Similar product
  • 1.Model number:G32:305*235*19mm,weight:2.8kg
  • 2.Model number:G31:495*235*19mm,weight:3.8kg

  • Our factory workshop of the cast iron peoduct
  • Our factroy founded in 2007.Today we have been set up for 12 years of the cast iron products produced.We have the enamel paint workshop and the paint workshop.The special is we also have the cast iron foundry workshop. That mean if you want to custom it.We can do it for you.Our cast iron gas burner and cast iron grill grate delivery is 40 days. If you want to know the details,please contact with us.In the commercial kitchen equipment accessories industry,we also have the stainless steel grease filter workshop and stainless steel adjustable leg workshop.And we have do these products for 15 years.We have cooperation with Fagor,Manitowoc,Kason and so on.And we through the inspection of Manitowoc this year.Welcome to visit us.


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