Baffle grease filters

- Sep 04, 2018-

Stainless Steel Baffle Grease Filters are the easiest to maintain, will last the longest and provide the best appearance. This hood filter is perfect for tough commercial kitchen applications and provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

Specifically designed for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods providing safe, dependable, and positive flame barrier protection

Provides superior grease impingement of even the smallest grease particles

Seamless and smooth surface permits constant grease run-off into the hood collection troughs

Bright stainless steel finish is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for open kitchens or operations where filters can be seen by guests

Low static pressure ensures quiet operation

Provides self-balancing air flow throughout the entire length of the hood

Handles are included for easy installation and removal

Filter Hooks are available as an option to fit Captive Aire style hoods

Easily cleaned by soaking, spraying or conventional dishwashers

Baffle grease filters collect grease and stop flames from penetrating into the hood exhaust ductwork. They are designed to prevent flames from passing through the baffles and can withstand various temperature levels. The solid baffle construction of each hood filter ensures a reliable flame barrier when you need it. Practicing efficient grease removal lowers the risk of such flare-ups.

This 2" thick grease filter contains two layers of equally spaced roll formed baffles. The spacing creates an airflow that allows grease to collect, then drain down the baffles and finally into the collecting trough.