Burden on the casting quality factors are what

- Feb 11, 2018-

 429 Casting Casting | Machine Castings | Large-scale machine tool castings often encounter the replacement of charge in the actual production, although the main chemical composition of molten iron unchanged, but the cast iron The degree of whiteness of the graphitization of the tissue as well as the morphology of the graphite and even the structure of the matrix will change. This relationship between the charge and the castings is customarily referred to as the heredity of the charge, and it is not uncommon for the problem to be of a hereditary nature such as the same ingredient Composition, primary iron graphite in the coarse, the molten cast after pouring the corresponding coarse, with white raw iron ingredients, even if more ferrosilicon, the white iron is still the same tendency of the same ingredients with different origin and Batch of native iron-melting molten iron, its formation of pores, the tendency of cracks will be very different, there are two measures to eliminate the heredity of the burden to improve the hot metal overheating temperature, with two or more of the primary iron ingredients Can reduce the heredity of the charge.