Cast iron platform scraping smear Hongdan powder use

- Feb 11, 2018-

462 Cast iron platform scraping used Hongdan powder, Zhangdang powder is mainly used for machining and machine maintenance industries, with coloring method to test the workpiece and other cast iron platform and Flatness of the machine guide. Familiar with the cast iron platform scraping process may know that scraping the time by smearing a paint called Hongdan powder, find the level, and then continue to scrape. Usage: The red powder and oil or diesel oil after the test is applied to the need to check the mutual research can determine the degree of wear and tear of the workpiece, our red powder, their own factory scraping master has been using, easy to use, low cost, welcome New and old customers come to buy, large favorably, the other I plant specializing in the production of various cast iron measuring tools, marble measuring tools, to undertake a variety of castings, please call 来人 advice, to ensure high quality and low price. Thank you for your support and trust, welcome to our customers for their valuable suggestions, we will let customers be assured satisfaction, days Yun Machinery wholeheartedly for the majority of new and old customer service!