Casting defect repair methods

- Feb 11, 2018-

354 Casting | resin sand castings | box castings | ram castings Botou Zhuoyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of castings due to casting defects repair machine Can repair the black metal casting defects, cast aluminum, copper defects repair, the needs of enterprises even more urgent, the company in 1999 after the development of the first generation of black metal repair machine, while constantly changing, but also started more For the arduous research and development work, due to aluminum, copper resistance, fast cooling characteristics, has been unable to apply the principle of welding black metal, you must find a new path, development work was once in trouble, after thousands of experts day and night Experiment, which lasted two and a half years, in September 2002 creative application of EDM principle of melting temperature, developed the world's first cast aluminum, copper defect repair machine, and formally launched in March next year Sales. At this point, invested heavily, which lasted seven and a half years to complete the ferrous metal, cast aluminum, bronze three seven casting defect repair machine research and development work to fill the world's foundry industry blank, bringing the casting defect repair A revolution is called the great invention of the foundry industry in the 21st century. Casting production mainly charge of pig iron, scrap, coke, limestone, sand, sand core. Mainly the original sand, clay, coal, resin and other adhesives, curing agent, the old sand transport, sand mixing, modeling, core making, baking, melting, pouring, cooling, falling sand, cleaning and post-processing Process, in terms of its operation is carried out in mechanical vibration and noise, and some are still high temperature? Such as melting, pouring operations, and some produce irritating odor, dust environment is even worse. Casting workshop in our country each producing 1 ton of castings, about 50 kilograms of dust emitted, melting and pouring process emissions of 200 kilograms of waste, 20 cubic meters of waste gas, modeling and cleaning waste sand about 13-15 tons. With an annual output of 22 million tons of castings, the total amount of sewage per year: 4.4 million tons of waste slag, nearly 16.5 million tons of waste sand, 400 million cubic meters of waste gas. These data are sufficient to explain the seriousness of the environmental problems in the foundry industry in our country. To achieve green casting with high technology is the key issue to be solved urgently.

In addition to the well-equipped production facilities of some large-scale enterprises, the advanced casting technology and the basic environmental protection measures, most foundry production facilities are outdated and technologically backward with little consideration for environmental protection. In the 1980s, the government conducted the specialization adjustment for enterprises with small scale, low technology and serious pollution, and increased the degree of enterprise intensification. However, the extensive features of foundry production have not been fundamentally changed. 90% of casting enterprises with poor production conditions, poor working conditions, backward technology and extensive production were awarded the Environmental Protection Prize at the 63rd World Foundry Conference held in Hungary in 1998. None of the award-winning foundries was in China , Which is extremely disproportionate to China's founding power. The environmental problems in the foundry industry in China are also reflected in the excessive consumption of natural resources.