Commercial kitchen general knowledge inventory

- Nov 17, 2018-

How to avoid the kitchen decoration "minefield"
Whether the hotel, restaurant is still the kitchen, in the beginning of the kitchen engineering design, we must think about the placement of kitchen equipment doubts. Different from the family, hotels, fast restaurants, beverage shops and other kitchen utensils directly related to the profitability of investors. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the kitchen decoration personality, light doubts, hydropower questions, the type and volume of kitchen equipment.
What are the more common minefields in the kitchen decoration of the catering industry? One is the question of floor tiles. It is necessary to select non-slip and waterproof floor tiles. It is also the kind that is simple and dry, and the appearance is not very lubricated. Although uneven tiles can be useful anti-skid, cleaning is a big problem. Moreover, hotels, restaurants and other local kitchen staff, frequent walking, so, in addition to thinking about beautiful elements, but also think about whether flat, easy to clean, anti-skid.
The second is the acquisition of large kitchen equipment. The one-time purchase of kitchen equipment is often the custom of the restaurant, which can also reach the common kitchen personality, and can get the discount provided by the kitchen equipment supplier, so this is a correct choice. However, if the purchase of kitchen equipment does not think about the scale of doubt, it will buy inappropriate equipment, forming a return difficult, the kitchen is not settled. In other cases, the choice of kitchen equipment that is not guaranteed after sale is often met with inferior quality and can only regret it.