Commercial kitchen knowlage 2

- Nov 17, 2018-

The third is the smoke machine. In order to drain the soot smoothly, the smoke mask and the smoke machine are used in the home. In the kitchen engineering design of hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc., the smoke machine is indispensable. At the same time, the timing of the device can not be too close to the stove, otherwise, not only to the chef's work, but also affect the role of exhaust oil smoke.
Fourth, kitchen equipment accessories. There should be plenty of thinking about what equipment needs to be used and what is used sparingly, so as to avoid spoilage.
The fifth is the question of lighting. Light should be added where light is not available. What's more, don't let the board fall into the chef's shadow, so simple as to affect productivity. In the hotel kitchen, usually the wash area and the operating platform will be added cabinet-specific lighting, such light is moderate, convenient switch.
Six is to avoid water seepage in the kitchen. This requires the kitchen in the decoration time to do a concrete water barrier, when necessary, to carry out irrigation tests to ensure that the kitchen does not seep water.
Which raw material is better than stainless steel kitchen utensils: stainless steel kitchen utensils are promoted by modern people, and are more and more widely used in the catering industry, not only because it is not simple to rust, stainless steel kitchen utensils also have many other advantages, such as fast heat conduction, high cooking efficiency; Not simple wear; The appearance and function are diverse, suitable for the development needs of modern catering industry; Other, from the point of view of health, stainless steel kitchen utensils are also more stable than aluminum kitchen utensils, more conducive to human health.
Wooden kitchen utensils: The advantages of wooden kitchen utensils are good insulation, simple injury, raw materials are relatively soft, do not damage the pan, and so on; However, wooden kitchenware also has its inevitable defects, such as the long-term use of simple bacteria, and the poor quality of wooden kitchenware is simply damaged; In time is a slight damage, the appearance is not lubricated, so cleaning up has a certain difficulty.