How To Build A Central Kitchen Project

- Aug 10, 2018-

There are a lot of friends with the information of the Heng Ding chef. What is the concept of the central kitchen? Hengding Xiaobian to cite a few examples, you know, for example, we often see real Kung Fu, Yoshino, Little Sheep, KFC, McDonald's and other food chain products, are standardized delicacies. They are all products from the central kitchen.

So, what do I need to prepare if I want to build a central kitchen project?

Central kitchen preparation includes the location of the central kitchen, generally the central kitchen is relatively large, so to find a suitable place to build or renovate, is the first consideration. In addition to the construction of the central kitchen itself, also need to consider the central kitchen storage arrangements, used to store the central kitchen food supplies, appliances storage.

There are also related supporting facilities, such as staff living area, staff dining area, as well as boiler room and office area, logistics vehicle parking area and so on.

Of course, there are also some system documents that need to be prepared, such as how to choose food suppliers, the relevant hygiene management system, the production control procedures, the purchase, acceptance and preservation of food ingredients, the use system, and the recall and disposal of food problems and emergency plans for food safety problems.

Hengding commercial kitchen has said: a central kitchen project early design, planning and maintenance needs manpower and material resources, so need to find a professional commercial kitchen engineering team.

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