How to Clean a Grease Filter 2

- Dec 01, 2018-


Removing the Grease Filter

Make sure the appliance is turned off and cool. If you’re removing the grease filter from a range hood, make sure the ventilation system is off and the surface is cool to the touch. If it’s cool, any grease deposits will be hardened and easier to remove.[1]

Some microwaves also have grease filters. If you’re cleaning a microwave filter, unplug the appliance before removing the filter.[2]

Never operate a range or microwave without the grease filter.


Remove the metal grease filter. A range hood filter might be covered by a plastic casing secured by tabs or screws. However, most filters are easy to remove and require no tools. For some models, simply tilt the filter and lower it out of place.[3]

Filters are often secured by a latch that you lift and release.[4] Some are held in place by a metal fastener that you lift or twist.[5]

The filter is located on the back of most microwaves.[6] You can also find the filter on the bottom of top-mounted microwaves.[7] In both cases, the filter easily slides out from a slot.

Check your appliance’s user manual if you have any trouble finding the grease filter. Be sure to note how you removed the filter so you can easily reinstall it.


Use a long handled tool for tall commercial range hoods. In commercial kitchens, range hood filters are often so high that it’s necessary to use a ladder to remove them. If you’re a restaurant owner or kitchen manager, you can avoid the hassle and injury risk of using a ladder by investing in a long-handled filter removing tool.