How to Measure Hood Grease Filters

- Sep 04, 2018-

Accurate measurements are vital to ensure that your hood filters work properly. Filters should fit your exhaust hood snug, with no gaps that could allow grease and debris into your exhaust system. Here is everything you need to know about measuring hood filters and hood exhaust systems.

Hood filters should always be installed with the baffles running vertically (top to bottom). This allows grease to run down the grooves to the grease trough and then collect in the grease tray below.

If you are replacing filters, you can begin by measuring the hood filters you currently have. A baffle filter’s size is always expressed with the height first. When measuring, round up to the next half-inch. So, a filter that measures 19.5 inches high and 15.5 inches wide is considered a 20 by 16 filter.

When installing filters in a new kitchen hood, begin by measuring the hood opening. Enter the dimensions of your exhaust hood into our online calculator by typing the width and selecting the height from our pull-down menu. The calculator will tell you how many of each size filter you need.

In some cases, a kitchen’s hood will not match standard filter sizes exactly. While many people believe that this means you will need custom hood filters, that is not the case. Any leftover space that measures more than .5 inches horizontally can be filled using hood filter spacers. Spacers can be installed at one or both ends where they will least impede airflow. Spacers can measure up to 6 inches wide.

For instance, if you have an exhaust hood that measures 19.5 inches tall by 92 inches wide, you will need three 20 by 16 filters, one 20 by 20 and one 20 by 25. There will be a half-inch gap that can be filled with a custom spacer.

Always double-check your work when measuring your exhaust hood and filters. This will prevent the additional delays and costs of ordering errors. Need help? Our “Measuring Hood Filters Tutorial” video and our “Hood Sizing Guide” both offer easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

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