Sink and faucet maintenance and repair

- Feb 11, 2018-

A) Sink part: If there is "embroidered", "mildew" how to do?

A reason:

1 kitchen decoration, welding residue, cement, oil and other residues in the sink surface, not cleaned promptly may cause rust, moldy;

2 poor water quality in many parts of China, coupled with water pipes are mostly galvanized pipe, iron and other elements in the water content is high, the sink after use, if the residual water stains, over time, the water will rust the iron, especially the new home renovation, If the water in the long-term residual water left in the sink water stains are not cleaned promptly, it is easy to cause "embroidered";

3 Occasionally, newly renovated houses with minerals or acid, alkaline dust falling sink surface encounter wet will cause "embroidered" appear;

4 kitchen knives, scissors, bottle openers and other items of steel for a long time placed on the sink surface, can cause "embroidered", moldy or discoloration;

5 chemicals, cleaning agents, paints, sauces, oil and other residues in the sink, a long time, will cause moldy stick in the sink surface.

B Prevention and treatment:

1) Kitchen decoration, the final installation of the sink, water pipe before the installation of long-term residual water drain, after installation, the sink thoroughly washed;

2) After each use of the sink to clean the sink, leaving no stolen goods and water stains;

3) Do not put kitchen knives, openers and other long stay in the sink, in particular, do not scrub the sink with steel balls;

4) In case of "embroidered", "mildew", available toothpaste painted rust, spots, scrub clean with a scrub cloth.

B) leading part:

1 Uneven water or water is small: It may be because the tap mouth (outlet nozzle or bubbler), due to water quality problems, the water stains gathered in the mouth plug; solution is: out of the mouth of the mouth with Waste toothbrush can be cleaned; there is a possibility that water stains blocked the faucet inlet hose, the solution is: remove the water hose can be cleaned.

2 can not shut off the water: the valve must be a problem, you can remove the red and blue signs, with the hexagonal tool to take the leading handle, the spool replaced (this generally handled by professionals or manufacturers better).

3 faucet surface chrome layer change or mist: The method is to wipe the water with a dry rag can be serious cleaning with vinegar.

Special Note: Do not use steel wire ball scrub faucet surface!