Top Ten Ban of Foundry Enterprises

- Feb 11, 2018-

Casting ten safety ban enterprises ban

1, safety education and post technical evaluation unqualified independent mountaineering operation.

2, do not follow the rules of dress or class drinkers are strictly prohibited to enter the production post or construction site.

3, do not wear hard hat is strictly prohibited to enter the construction site or cross the job site.

4, without a safe job ticket and no seat belt height operations are strictly prohibited.

5. For those who have not handled the safe operation ticket, it is forbidden to enter into toxic, harmful and hypoxic places such as towers, containers, tanks, oil tanks, reactors, water wells and cable ditches.

6, did not apply for job tickets is not allowed to dismantle and disable the system Unicom pipeline, pump and other equipment.

7, did not apply for electricity job ticket is strictly prohibited electrical construction operations.

8, did not apply for construction ground breaking job ticket is forbidden to ground construction.

9, mobile devices or pressure vessels safety accessories protection device is not fully used is strictly prohibited to use.

10, rotating parts of mobile devices in operation is strictly prohibited scrubbing or disassembly.

Casting fire prevention and explosion top ten ban

1, It is forbidden to smoke and carry flammable and explosive toxic materials such as flames in the factory area into the factory.

2, forbidden to do not follow the provisions of dynamic fire procedures in the plant for fire or domestic use of fire.

3, non-wearing easy to wear clothing into the oil and gas zone work.

4, non-wearing nails shoes into the oil and gas zone and flammable and explosive devices.

5, non-gasoline, volatile solvents, washing equipment, clothing and ground equipment.

6, all kinds of unapproved motor vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering production facilities, tank farms and flammable and explosive areas.

7, on-site discharge of flammable and explosive materials and dangerous chemicals.

8, is prohibited in the oil and gas zone with a black metal or easy to produce sparks hit the collision and operation of the tool.

9, non-blocking fire escapes and free use of fire equipment or damage.

10, Do not damage all kinds of explosion-proof facilities in the factory.