What kind of material sink is best

- Feb 11, 2018-

General Household sinks are stainless steel sinks.

How to buy high quality stainless steel sink?

1, the thickness of the sink plate: high quality imported 304 stainless steel plate sink, a thickness of 1mm, while the ordinary low-grade sink with 0.5mm-0.7mm, identify the method can be distinguished from the weight and the surface is flat.

2, anti-noise handling: the bottom of the high-quality tank after spraying or adhesive rubber sheet and does not fall off, can reduce the impact of water on the basin caused by the tap sound, play a buffer role.

3, surface treatment: high-quality surface of the sink flat, soft and soft visual, easy to stick oil, easy to clean, wear-resistant.

4, the inside corner processing: high-quality sink near the corner of 90 degrees, the visual tank larger, larger basin volume.

 5, ancillary components: high-quality head requirements wall thickness, smooth handling, the cage will not leaking when closed, beaded durable and feel comfortable. Down the water pipe to make a one-time environmental protection made of materials, with easy installation, odor, heat, anti-aging and other functions, durable.

  6, the sink forming process: one-piece forming technology to solve the weld as a result of the weld can not withstand a variety of chemical liquids (such as detergents, stainless steel cleaners, etc.) corrosion and leakage problems. One-piece forming process is a particularly important process, the steel sheet material requirements are high. What kind of process is a manifestation of sink quality.