What should stainless steel table clean notice to have?

- Nov 19, 2018-

1. In general, if there is dust or dirt on the surface of a stainless steel worktable, it can be washed with warm water such as easily decontaminated soap or weak detergent. Long-term non-maintenance of the worktable may damage the worktable.
2. Users can clean with warm water or weak detergents, in which the binder ingredients are scrubbed with alcohol or organic solvents. If the surface of stainless steel table grease, oil, lubricating oil can be cleaned with a soft cloth, then with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with special detergent cleaning.
3. Stainless steel table surface bleach and various acid attachment should be immediately rinsed with water, followed by ammonia solution or neutral soda solution immersion.
4. Because of its smooth and delicate countertops, do not use hard knives or other tools to show scratches during the cleaning process. Be sure to clean the stainless steel countertops again with water to ensure the cleanliness of the countertops.