Burner Concept

- Feb 11, 2018-

Burners have a variety of ways to categorize them according to their different attributes. By fuel, divided into fuel burners, gas burners and dual-fuel burners, as well as biomass burners. Of which: In specific applications, the fuel burners will be divided into light oil burner, heavy oil burner, etc .; gas burner is divided into natural gas burner, city gas burner and so on. Burner combustion control by way of division: single-stage fire burners, double-stage fire burners, proportional adjustment burner. By fuel atomization is divided into: mechanical atomized burners, medium atomized burners; according to the structure is divided into: the whole burner and split burner. The split burner is mainly used in industrial production. The main features of the split burner are combustion system, air supply system and control system. These machines are mainly suitable for special equipment such as large equipment or high temperature. Relatively speaking, commercial burners have relatively low market price due to their mass production and batch production, as well as the low degree of specialization in the market supply chain. The split burners are relatively specialized due to their specialization. Most need professional installation team, the market sales price is relatively high year on year a lot.