Burner Heating Capacity What Are The Factors

- Feb 11, 2018-

Do you know the size of the burner heating capacity depends on the degree of flame intensity, furnace tube surface area and the size of the total heat transfer coefficient. It does not matter if you do not know, and now you know it right away

First of all, we should know the intensity of the flame. The stronger the flame, the higher the temperature of the hearth. The larger the temperature difference between the hearth and the oil flow, the greater the heat transfer. The strength of the flame can be adjusted by controlling the burner.

Heating performance furnace surface area, the flame tube and the flue gas contact area, the greater the heat transfer;

In addition the total heat transfer coefficient is crucial, the better the overall heat transfer coefficient of the furnace tube, the more reasonable the furnace structure, the more heat transfer.

In actual use, the flame is not good and the furnace tube coking will affect the heating capacity of the burner, so pay attention to control the burner so that it completely burned, and to prevent local tube temperature is too high and coking. We sell the burner With high-quality, low price and other advantages, welcome to buy!