Burner Industrial Type

- Feb 11, 2018-

It is understood that since China's press in 2006 publicly reported the scientific and technological appraisal of alcohol-based fuels, the alcoholic fuel enterprises in China's land have mushroomed as the mushrooms. Learning, training, joining, etc., after another group of entrepreneurs, holding one by one dream and joined the line. However, only real business has discovered that what has been learned is fundamentally different in its application. A little bit to continue with the original company, first perfunctory, then, is the phone does not answer. Some good, barely make the market up, but over time, found that there is no such thing as publicity, but also to deal with the problem, make it bad, sleep well. In the end the problem is where? Alcohol-based fuel business in the end there is no future? what can we do about it?

First, entrepreneurs think the alcohol-based fuel business of alcohol-based burners is too simple and too easy. Alcohols, an alcohol-based liquid fuel, are not easy to learn. Otherwise, all alcohol and fuel practitioners already made big fortunes. Precisely because alcohol itself has its own limitations, it is essential that scientific and technological methods and techniques be adopted to turn the common alcohol into a product that is truly more fuel than liquefied gas and diesel fuel. However, many people have spent money studying everywhere. What can be learned really solve practical problems? If solved, the product in any city (2 million people) must be able to do more than 100 tons in the year! Because, think of it too simple, will encounter problems in the operation process can not always solve. Either solve the problem, but also a new issue. In short, firepower, consumption, plugging eyes, corrosion, etc., these troubles, once you do more stores will repair the owner and bad West, endless. Therefore, the alcohol-based fuel alcohol-based burner is not a simple technology, it must have its technical content in the. The same quality of products, inevitable competition in the market, it will result in the price, you low, I am low, his lower future competitive consequences. Only products completely different, then others lower, but also can not shake your own set price. Because, based on the real pricing than diesel, liquefied petroleum gas for reference, rather than the basis of the burning unit price.

During the sales promotion of alcohol-based fuels, some businesses find it worthwhile to accept that they sacrifice the market price and the most valuable things for them to accept. This is not desirable. If the marketing is to think that just get the customer, then the next business, business operators, distribution service staff, we must assume more than operating costs. For example, there is only one purpose for customers to feel his product province in order to grab customers, to add more water, to lower the unit price, or to intentionally send more supplies in the delivery. But fuel is a long-term use of the product, in use. Provinces do not save money, the most customers understand the heart. And fuel is really the most valuable, not just save money. What is more important for the user to create value is the key! Fire is the most important source of kitchen. No fire guarantee, the kitchen is a pile of scrap metal! The chef can come up with good food, the key is - fire Hou. Really because the hotel fire enough, it is always better than the home made dishes!

The size of the fire is the fundamental guarantee for the kitchen out of food, there is no fire, the kitchen serving speed will be affected. When customers are concentrated increase. Serving speed can not keep up with the needs of customers, the service level of this shop will be due to the speed of service, affecting the customer retention rate. Conversely, their own fuel sales are affected, and even worse, the shop is down, the fuel costs are not landing.