Burner Market Analysis In China

- Feb 11, 2018-

Burner target group is wide, there are boilers, smelting furnace, furnace, heat treatment and other fields, and heat-related industries, combustion system is essential. The historical development of China's combustion engine technology field is relatively short compared with the developed industrialized regions such as Europe. It takes five to six years, has strong vitality, the market is in a period of rising and the production is steadily increasing. Coupled with the concern of the people and the government on environmental protection, Design primarily tends to improve emissions and efficiency levels. The Eleventh Five-Year Plan has raised a group of small and medium-sized enterprises with technical strength, such as Beijing Kai Ming Yang. The burner has become one of the few domestic burner brands that can be boarded in the international arena. The promotion of manufacturers has a certain effect , But the technology and "tailor-made" is the key, high adaptability, reasonable design is one, in addition also focus on the installation efficiency, simply that is the design - processing - acceptance of one-stop, interlocking, this is other manufacturers Little concern. There is a clear problem in China's industrial market is the low quality standards of safety, which is not only reflected in the combustion machine industry, the safety come from? From doing these three points! Many burners abandoned their business regardless of acceptance, closing the balance will be careless, out of the accident can not be handled in time, because most domestic burner manufacturers are small businesses, a few technical staff will be able to open burning machine company, This is also the status of the domestic burner market.

Second, the majority of domestic manufacturers rely on "copy" to make money, simply that there is no innovation, which is why most domestic manufacturers can not fight the import burner. Continue to take Beijing Kai Ming Yang as an example, they and other manufacturers have the same combustion engine development department, but the difference is that the Ministry of Innovation through physical experiments to innovate products, that is, to eliminate the car behind closed doors. Even bought imported burners and their own developed products to be used in the same furnace to compare, I believe this is very little or no manufacturers to do so, one to raise costs, the other two increased the burden on developers If not successful innovation but worth the candle. It is undeniable that there is still a certain strength gap between domestic burners and foreign ones, but this also provides a good opportunity for Chinese burners to learn and develop. The problems of quality, technology and business development speed should all be detailed Planning to ensure. Now the highlight of the burning machine is energy-saving reform, safety and technology, the three rings are closely linked, interlocking, how to improve this market for domestic burner, or to the entire industry to form a virtuous circle of the system, which led The development of the entire industry.

Our company introduced the burner products and fuel gas projects by the market favor. Especially in the field of combustion engine oil to maintain the leading technology. In recent years, with the international crude oil prices and energy pollution and other environmental factors, the focus of the global focus on clean energy, reduce emissions issues, so many clean energy gradually come to the fore, such as natural gas methanol. The use of natural gas in our country is increasingly widespread. Civil and industrial natural gas pipeline project is also gradually improved. In order to meet the international and domestic trends, Yoshite company to develop the cause of burning oil to gas. Especially in the transformation of small and medium burners engineering has a wealth of experience. The rebuilt brands include Riello, Weisso, Baide, Belden, Italy, Olympia, Zhengying and Honeywell. The finished equipment is stable and low in cost. Our company specializes in developing and researching products such as burners, burners and methanol burning equipment. With high-tech content, the design principles are reliable and each component is easy to disassemble and assemble, making maintenance, cleaning, inspection and maintenance simple Efficient. Special pressure-resistant performance, compared with its heat output, compact structure, compact size, low power consumption, energy saving, environmental protection features is the most customer service, and our products to meet you.