Burner Safe Operation

- Feb 11, 2018-

(A) boot operation

1. For the newly installed furnace, the gas should be carefully checked before commissioning to meet the requirements of the burner; check whether the testing instruments on the gas supply pipe are normal and the on / off of the pipe valve is normal; if it is convenient for later use and maintenance.

2. For newly installed pipe, all pipelines should be carefully checked for installation reliability and pipe sealing.

3. The use of separate gasification station users, to ensure that the gas supply, gas supply parameters meet the requirements of safe combustion.

4. Operators carefully read the device manual, proficiency in safe operation of knowledge and methods.

5. Before each boot to check the gas valve is open, otherwise the burner does not work.

6. Start the power control button on the control cabinet, then the digital display shows the current furnace temperature, Xin'an Furnace installed temperature of this temperature is the ambient temperature.

7. Start the fan control button, the fan mounted on the furnace to work, this time if the fan is damaged the control cabinet will automatically protect the next step.

8. Combustion fan work no abnormalities, and then start the combustion control button, then the combustion program controller to start work, it is through certain procedures for ignition, air supply, flame detection, and other programs to achieve the ultimate safety combustion.

9. When the combustion controller receives a signal that is detrimental to combustion (for example, ignition failure, pressure instability, circuit problem), etc., the combustion controller immediately turns off the gas and gives an alarm signal.

10. If the combustion controller alarm, must be resolved by the operator manual reset before they can continue to work.

11. The operation of the entire equipment, the operator should refer to the furnace safety operating procedures and production process requirements for operation.

12. According to the requirements of the production process need to adjust the control temperature, the operator should refer to intelligent numerical control manual instructions to adjust.

(B) shutdown operation

(1) Shut down There are two situations: The first is: When the furnace temperature reaches the set value automatically shut down, then the operator does not need any operation, wait until the furnace temperature is below the set value the controller will automatically boot.

(2) The second is: man-made shutdown and takeover shift downtime, the operator should boot the reverse order (a. Turn off the combustion control button, b. Turn off the fan button, c. Finally, turn off the power button Twist) operation shutdown.

(3) The operator should turn off the gas pipeline valve when the shutdown time is longer, so as to avoid gas leakage.