Burner Technical Operation

- Feb 11, 2018-

1. Press the flame start button on the combustion control panel. Mother lamp work indicator light 10 seconds later, confirm the mother fire. If the parent fire indicator goes off within 10 seconds, the combustion fault alarm beeps on the combustion control panel, indicating that the ignition failed. Wait for 60 seconds to manually press the fault reset button of the programmable controller to restart the parent fire button. [6]

2. The mother fire ignited normal, the operator through the burner observation hole to confirm whether the mother fire ignited. After confirming, press the button on the burner control panel to start the fire alarm. After a few seconds delay, when the fire indicator lights, the operator should slowly open the load-adjusting ball valve and increase the gas proportionally till the flame shows The main blue plus red is best.

3 fire lit, stable, check the main pipeline gas supply pressure is in the normal range.

4. Fan start, into the pre-blowing stage, check to confirm the equipment is in normal condition.

5. Observe the gas, air pressure instructions, to confirm given burner operation allows instructions.

6. Press the Burn Control button on the Burn Control Panel, and the Burn Controller goes to the Burn Start Program.

7. Take Ming fire mother's ignition task has been completed. Operators should promptly close the mother button on the panel, cut off the mother fire to keep the fire burning.

8 fire burning process operators can process requirements at any time to adjust the flame (load) size. Process requirements require a short time off the fire, the operator should open the mother fire switch to keep the mother fire, and then turn off the fire switch.

9. Adjust the gas valve, air valve operating handle can be adjusted stage to determine the burner load output in line with process requirements.

10. Shutdown operation: temporary shutdown, the fire should be turned off first, and then turn off the combustion control switch, and finally close the stop button.