Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Smoke Design

- Feb 11, 2018-

Commercial kitchen smoke Kitchen exhaust is the most common thing in the family daily life, relates to one's health, today Xiaobian will introduce a kitchen category, similar to the family kitchen smoke but there is a big Different, such as today's market or we go out to eat in the restaurant, which is essential in every restaurant, that is, commercial kitchen smoke, but specifically we know about the commercial kitchen? Then Xiaobian will be We introduced a detailed commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen. As the name implies, commercial kitchens are of course required for doing business. Commercial kitchens are typically made up of work areas with different functions or smaller kitchens. The work area or small kitchen division of labor is clear, coordinated, undertaking large-scale enterprise or hotel production work.

Commercial kitchen design, commercial kitchen design is of great importance to businesses and hotels. Commercial kitchen design is the most emphasis on its functionality, functional importance is the ventilation performance. Ventilation is crucial in commercial kitchen design, neither to let the smell of the kitchen go to the restaurant, but also to maintain the kitchen's air circulation, the temperature is suitable.

So Xiaobian here to explain the commercial kitchen design ventilation magic.

1: composition of the kitchen exhaust system Kitchen exhaust system is mainly composed of smoke hood, exhaust pipe, fume purifier, exhaust fan (including muffler) and the kitchen as a whole wind makeup device.

Fume purifier type and mode of operation can be based on the actual situation to choose from. Before installing the fume purifier, first of all, the actual operating parameters of each part of the exhaust system, including running resistance and exhaust volume accounting.

If it is a new project, the design should give full consideration to the installation of a fume purifier on the exhaust system; if it is a transformation project, the installation of the fume purifier exhaust system needs to be re-accounting, if necessary, to set Smoke hood, exhaust pipe and the kitchen to make up for the wind device to replace and replace the exhaust fan.

Several Problems of Commercial Kitchen Smoke Exhaust

The main reason for the problem in kitchen ventilation is that on the one hand, the coordination between kitchen process design and ventilation design is not enough. On the other hand, due to the lack of experience in kitchen design in our country, the design is not reasonable.

Local exhaust parts and requirements

Chinese kitchen: the cooking of the calorific value and the amount of smoke is generally larger, the exhaust volume is larger, the exhaust hood is generally used fume hood. To reduce the impact of fumes on the environment, you can choose to remove the hood.

Cooking Room: The demand for fresh air is low here, but the exhaust effect must be good. Otherwise, the steam will fill the entire working room and affect the work of the chef. The main exhaust gas is water vapor, which can be discharged without using the purification device.

Western kitchen: cooking is not large, but requires more equipment and more, the amount of exhaust is less than the Chinese kitchen.

Dishwasher: needs a large amount of exhaust.