On The Burner Of The Safety Ignition Problem

- Feb 11, 2018-

Too many recent coal gas explosions and various gas threats to personal safety incidents, it is important for safety issues! According to the combustion characteristics of gas in the furnace, the safety control requirements mainly include pre-blowing, auto-ignition, combustion condition monitoring, biomass ignition without ignition, flameout protection, gas pressure limit protection, air pressure Inadequate protection, power protection, gas leak prevention measures and so on. Let's discuss the safety ignition problem with the burner below:

Methanol burner gas burner should adopt spark ignition, easy to achieve automatic control. The combustion state must be dynamically monitored. Once the flame detector senses the flameout signal, it must be fed back to the burner in a very short period of time. The burner then enters the protection state and the gas supply is cut off.

Flame detectors to be able to properly sense the flame signal, neither sensitive, nor dull. The general requirement is that the response time from the flameout to the flame detector signal of flameout does not exceed 0.2 seconds. Burner ignition, access to gas, gas burning on fire. Ignition action requires the gas before entering, the formation of ignition temperature field, easy to fire.

If you do not catch fire, flame detector can not detect the flame signal, the burner into the protection state. Methanol burner said: the general requirements of the gas into the 2-3 seconds, the flame detector burner flame sensor to determine the judge, not into the protection state of the fire, the fire is to maintain combustion.

After starting the burner, if the warning light is on, wait for at least 20 seconds and then press the reset button again to restart.