Custom Chicken Large Cooking Equipment Fast Food Cooking Equipment

Custom Chicken Large Cooking Equipment Fast Food Cooking Equipment

We accept OEM and ODM.

Product Details

Our commitment is to provide high quality Homeuse Pancakes Burner, Commercial BBQ Grill Fast food, Leg Sockets Fast food and create more value for customers, proving that we are the most trusted partner in this sector by hard work. We, with open arms, invite all interested potential buyers to visit our web-site or get in touch with us immediately for further information and facts. We want to make our own enterprises have the core competitiveness and always maintain the leading position in the market. We study the talent environment construction of our company from three aspects: talent development and training, competition mechanism and incentive mechanism. We have established a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, won good reputation, and made the company's business grow and develop.

  • commercial single cast iron gas grill grate
  • Product details:
  • 1.Material:cast iron
  • 2.Use for commercial kitchen,fast restaurant,fry chicken and so on.
  • 3.Size:345×345×20mm
  • 4.Weight:3.58kg
  • 5.The size we have two other choice.
  •   a. 430×430×21mm,weight:4.66kg
  •   b. 300×300×21mm,weight:3.38kg
  • 6.Black paint or enamel
  • Our workshop
  • 1.We have cast iron gas burner you can choose.
  • 2.We have environmental protection painting equipment.
  • 3.We have enamel plant workshop.

Our company closely focuses on the core development strategy of "specialization", and promotes the development and growth of the enterprise with the spirit of manufacturing high-quality Custom Chicken Large Cooking Equipment Fast Food Cooking Equipment and building high-quality enterprises. According to our own strength, we are confident to build the company into a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness. We always adhere to reform and innovation, and consciously take liberation and development of productive forces, and stimulate and enhance the vitality of enterprises as the fundamental purpose.


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